Campus Dining

Imagine walking in the University Center, looking around and not seeing any healthy meal options to choose from other than salads and cold sandwiches. 15md Wellness is the solution.  We take the load off of universities with our on-campus dining service. Our desire to offer students healthy food that tastes good promotes better performance and a healthier lifestyle. We offer a variety of healthy options that aligns with the traditional diet. Our foundation centers around proteins, carbs and vegetables that accommodates strict dietary needs. Our team of chefs take pride in creating a flavorful seasonal menu to match the changing taste buds of the average student. Our university partnership program is the future of on-campus dining.

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Corporate Dining

Studies show that what you eat affects your productivity. So, if your only options for lunch are processed foods, then you already know that the rest of your workday will consist of energy loss. At 15md Wellness, we partner with corporations to provide employees with menu selections that meet their dietary needs and cravings all in one. Promoting healthy eating in your workplace creates a supportive environment for employees to feel better, have more energy, and be more productive. Helping employees choose healthy portions, and creating a place that influences healthy choices can ultimately lead to a healthy, more productive workforce. Our corporate partnership program is the future of corporate dining.

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